Ray Ban Fugitives Modified Aviator Sunglasses


Product Code: W1958
A pair of Ray Ban Fugitives Modified Aviator gold framed vintage sunglasses. These rare, classic design Ray Ban sunglasses have gold toned frames with a slim, wraparound design. The frames measure 15 cms across and 4 cms high. The lenses are a mid / dark black and are in great condition with a few light scratches. These Fugitives Modified Avaitor sunglasses are a rare and famous design and are in very good condition. The frames are in excellent order showing very little wear. The arms hinge absolutely fine and the nose bridges are in fantastic condition. Both ear pads are in great condition. These Ray Ban sunglasses come with a Ray Ban case and are guaranteed authentic. These sunglasses come with a years warranty and our usual 14 day return guarantee.